Frank Sinatra - "It Happens Every Spring" lyrics

I happens every spring, the world is young again Where children on an up-sa-daisy swing, A carousel with horses freshly painted, The oompapa that says let's get acquainted. Your neighbor's boy became a home-run king. Your sixteen year old sister goes dramatic. What is that cheer I heard, a fellow stealing third, Your dad rolls up his sleeves to clean the attic. The tears that go with sulphur and molasses, A rippling stream sounds like a rippling heart, Be patient, lonely one, your love will come along, It happens, yes it happens every spring. The outstretched necks when the ice cream wagon passes. As Mother Nature proudly spreads her new green carpet. Your autumn heart will find the songs that sing. The carefree gay and April, May and June of it, Then raindrops will be dancing to the tune of it, And remember it never rains but what it pours, It happens, it always happens every spring. And maybe raindrops will be whispering, whispering, it's yours. Be patient, lonely one, your love will come along,