Elton John - "The Fox" lyrics

Being wiry and thinking loudly About the things sent to make you move You can't help it, there's no one in the world Knows you just, just the way you do So we keep darting through the holes As the hunter and the fox Run the gauntlet's savage road

Winter's heavy and partly cloudy And the snowfall leaves the tracks that catch a few Bit if you're wiley, you will leave them lying Snared up in the traps that they set for you And it's an evergreen affair As temptation taunts the fox Into the hunter's waiting lair

And for mile after mile you'll never see me tire You'll never see me slow down, for a while `Cause I am the fox, like it or not I'm always gonna be there running over the rock Yes I am the fox, a fascinating cross Of sharp as a whip and tough as an ox Yes I am the fox

It may sound crazy but it's often lonely And the restless heart should be captured once in a while Then you can use them, and you often fool them Into believing whatever you desire So I'll keep moving through the night The hunter and the hunted On their designated flights