Watain - "Casus Luciferi" lyrics

From the vaults below the deserttemple

To the throne among the stars

In the hearts of us, your children, oh divine luminary

Thou shineth!

Like sunbeams penetrating the foundations of the earth

Thine grace ignites the seeds of creation

And in our veins is stillness, as your shadows come to life

For they are like whispers speaking of

...death in heaven

Behold the black cloud of corpselike birds

Their wings are on fire

And their song has turned backwards

A morbid cacaphony singing of...

A new dawn!

Burn my flesh, thou light of lights

Most eminent perfection, most magnificent of sights

Mark me with thee, stainless Ar

Most real, so clear and bright they shine both eye and star

Descend upon the dead, black sky

By a grace of just one glance they all shall die

Pour the bitter wine of salvation into our blood

And let our scars form rivers flooding the kingdom of their god

Let the immense gates of heaven open

Let the dawn of justice come

When a thousand pale and silenced faces

Turn towards the sky

To behold in fear and wonder how the firmanent turns dark

By the sound of a lonely trumpet calling

And countless birdlike carrions falls reeking from above

Embedded in a red glow telling of...

A burning dawn!

For this sunrise shall not wake you by the foul light of Christ

But by Satan's fire burning in your eyes

And the thundering voice of a lion over the plains of man

Shall proclaim the horned phoenix final rise

For it is not rain that falls tonight from the black, ominious sky

But sulphur tears from the last flock of birds

And the wind carries the smell of death, from the agony in their hearts

As the fly in nameless fear towards...