Voyager - "Halfway Hotel" lyrics

Hey mama, it's a long long way
To your borderland home where the butterflies play all day.
Yeah it's a long long way

And I'm awful hungry you know
I could almost eat my words
I said I'd give up my vacation
To take you right across the nation
And your Mother thinks I'm crazy too
I'll tell you what I think we should do.

Why Don't we pull in at the half way hotel
I long for service at the ring of a bell
And we could sleep in late
Hey your Mummy and your Daddy can wait.
And if we pull in at the halfway hotel
Why they're so discreet and I know only too well
You won't get home again
No it aint home but you'll be welcome to stay.
You'll be amazed to see the people who you thought so swell
Tipping back the moselle
And life is so hard on a credit card
It almost over, at the halfway hotel.

verse 2
Hey mama, can you feel the heat
My radiator's all dry
And we're the only fools left in the street
But sure I think you're sweet.
But I aint no hero you know
You been mixing me up with those men in that slush
You fill your mind with all that comic book stuff
And it's your imagination, playing little tricks on you
But at least i think I know what to do.

repeat chorus