Terry Lane - "Hit Single" lyrics

From the bed to the closet table tops girl just watch me/ take you to
ecstasy/ take your body from A to Z/ kiss u from your lips to your navel/
I'm willing and able/ To please u anyway I please to/ keep your eyes on me/
I'll put on a show/ what u wanna hear/ baby let me know/ wrap your legs
round me/ please don't let me go/ I got that turn up/ now u know/ lose

When we be making love songs/ it sounds like/ lets turn this room into the
studio & run it back all night long/ this is what it sounds like/ lets
record a hit single tonight

Got my hands in your cake mix/ baby let me bake it/ I swear u gon like it/
whenever I taste it/ I get so inspired when I see u naked/ put my lyrics to
your melody/ and add it to my playlist/ I know what u need/ a healthy dose
of me/ to your favorite song/ all night long/ u and me/ could be the best
to ever do it baby/ even if we chop & screw it baby