Queen - "God Save The Queen Arranged By May" lyrics

QUEEN are: Freddie Mercury, John Deacon, Roger Taylor, Brian May

Additional keyboards, guitar and vocals: Spike Edney

Produced by Queen
Recorded at Wembley Stadium
Recorded by Mack
Mixed by Brian Malouf
Digitally mastered by Eddy Schreyer at Future Disc Systems, Hollywood

Management: Jim Beach
Tour production manager: Gerry Stickells for GLS Productions Inc.
Assistant to tour management: Sylvia Stickells
Band assistants: Chris Taylor and Joe Fanelli
Guitar technician: Brian Zellis
Keyboard and bass technicians: Peter Hince and John Collins
Wardrobe: Tony Williams
Stage costumes: Diana Moseley
Staging co-ordinator: Graeme Felming
Staing: Henry Crallen
Stage design: John McGraw and John Miles
Pre-production co-ordinator: Brian Croft
Proddduction stage managers: Rick O'Brien and Mike Wiesman
Lighting designer: Roy Bennnett
Lighting director: Simon Tutchner
Monitor engineer: Jim Devenny
Concert sound: James 'Trip' Khalaf
Manor mobile: Steve Riddel
Live At Wembley video directed by Gavin Taylor
Publicity: Scott Riseman Lipsey Meade
Queen Productions Ltd.: Julie Glover, Jacky Gunn and Sally Hyatt

The Official International Queen Fan Club:
46 Pembridge Road, London W11 3HN, England

Design: Richard Gray