Perry Como - "Say Youre Mine Again" lyrics

Say the sun will never shine again,
And say the rose that blooms will never bloom again,
But come what may I know I must have you again,
My darling, say youre mine again!

Say that spring will never come again,
And say the chapel bells will never ring again,
No matter what will be I must be yours again,
So darling, say youre mine again!
If I were to lose all the world and its treasures,
Who cares, let it be as it may,
As long as I have you beside me,
Ill always be happy that way!

Say Ill never see the rain again,
And say Ill never hear a sweet refrain again,
And say that I was wrong and Im to blame again,
But darling, say youre mine again!

Words and Music by Charles Nathan
and Dave Heisler , 1953