Perry Como - "Lonesome, Thats All" lyrics

It seems like a year
since I've seen you dear
yet I know it's been only a day
yet the hours seem long
and the world goes wrong
for it's empty with you away . . .

And I wake from each dream
of your loveliness,
to sink once again into loneliness,
and I'd give all the world for just one caress,
I'm lonesome, I guess, that's all!
The faces I see don't appear to me
for it's your face I long for today,
with it's wonderful smile
that makes life worthwhile,
for it drives all my cares away . . .

And I dream of your lips
and your eyes of blue,
and wonder if your heart is dreaming too'
And my own heart is cryin' the whole day through
I'm lonesome, for you, that's all!

Words and Music by Ben J. Bradley
and Lee S. Roberts