Nas - "Star Wars" lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yo, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
For niggaz up in they mom's crib listenin
To this unadulterated Nas shit wishin it was then
Instead a, me on this track on this beach with palm trees
Drinks with umbrellas straws telling it raw
Jungle of concrete killers and snakes I was amongst that
Bundles of crack through this funnel that's black
I want you to vision through my telescope see the hell I wrote
It's Reynolds when I Wrap it like a envelope package
And they would send the dope back then
Numbers, pimpin and robbin, well they still robbin and pimpin
But it's small change compare to hip hoppin
And did I mention millions because of lip poppin
Trips expensive gift shoppin whip drivin
Benzes, Jeeps, see, them and they bitch got one
It's shockin you thinkin naw it's just rhymin
But all this time it's like organized crimin
For instance, there was a time when there was a line
Between streets and business, but now peep how it's mixed in
The beef is now sickenin, everybody got paper
Words of power, because of it the cops hate ya
The government watchin all of those who thuggin it
They wanna lock us up cause they kids are lovin it
Not knowin that most rappers are straight ass
The shots ring out, whenever we clash it's Star Wars

We call it Star Wars
What happens when the shots ring out, Star Wars
We call it Star Wars

[Verse 2]
Caviar never, I rather the Cajun blacken
Catfish no snails simple nigga to please
Met a bad bitch dimples in her cheeks
She remembers Busy B battles when it was peace
Caught myself driftin in thought, cause now it's different I thought
Niggaz was raised off the shit I record
Like I was brought up off that Planet Rock