Nas - "Oochie Wally" lyrics

Oh yeah mutha f***a
That's that sh*t
Oh come on

Ladies make it hot
Thugs make it hot
Make it pop

Oo-chie wally wally
Oo-chie bang bang,
Oo-chie wally wally
Oo-chie bang bang,
Oo-chie wally wally
Oo-chie bang bang,
Oo-chie wally wally

He really, really
Work my body
He really, really
Turned me out
He really, really
Got to gut me
He really, really
Made me scream and shout
He really taught me
How to work my body
He really taught me
How to go down south
He really, really
Tried to hurt me, hurt me
I really love thug
And gangsta style

Yo we got chicks
In the living room
Getting it on and they
Leaving till 6 in the morning
Always for oochie
Oh you ain't know
How many h*es in the bankroll
Sort of like like the game show
"Who wants to be a millionaire'"
But my name ain't Regis
Nas the one they call
When they want
There thing beat up
Honeys' with bodies
With Bravehearts guns in the party
Waves, braids, and boldly,
Trademarks to army
Is that Horse it must be
I heard he husky
Yeah, there go jungle eyes red
Looking for trouble
And that's Nas
Dancing with dimes
But who's his manage
The imperial thug
Is cold deep grand wiz
We taking honeys'
To the crib tonight
Grantee we going up
In there rib tonight
Check the new slang
It's changed the
Braveheart gang bang
When you see me pass
Holla oochie bang bang

Yeah what up ma,
Take a look, you hypnotized
On how my long d*ck
Stretch your insides
For real ma, with your
Thick lips and thick thighs
Stoke both holes, pass it to Nas
Or pass it to Naish
Or pass it to Jung
Or pass it to Horse
Then that as* gettin' tossed
F*** a hustler book
Penthouse or blacktale
I got b****es sendin'
My niggas flicks in jail
I f*** a b**** face more
Than her waist for real
And ain't no pussy
Like new pussy
That's how a nigga feel
Bust three times
Throw her the peace sign
She sleep then
My d*ck sleek and
I ain't gotta call her for weeks
Long leg h*es
Mo'head h*es
Married b****es
Me and my dog
F***in' them both
They got us switchin'
Is the nigga gangsta'
Yeah, that's how I'm livin'
That's how I'm playin'
I got these freak
F***in' h*es singin'

Repeat chorus

Little young thing go around
My d*ck with your tongue ring
Deep throat my nine inch
Gut from the front and
Grind from the side and
F*** from behind and
Grab her hair slap her as*
She screamin' like she dyin'
Make her come four times
Without even tryin'
I'll beat that pussy up
There's no denyin'
Hit her where she doodie at
Make that booty fat
Little cutie rat, walking by
With the doobie wrap
Tight blue jeans, air max
Small Gucci bag
No loot and no job
Stay home giving blow jobs
Like no prob, it's simple
Holla out the window
It's the project nympho
F*** my whole crew
You know how we do
You got that good pussy
I can share with my peoples
Be a brave girl
Do your thang
Let them tities hang
I'll have all
The b****es sayin'

Repeat chorus

When it comes to sex
I'm similar to the thriller in manilla
Bitches call me Horse the pussy filler
I'll f*** a big boned or slim chick
Beat that pussy up real quick
Then send home the b****
Ain't no sleepin' in my bedroom
When henny's in my d*ck
When Flex drop the bomb
I bust a nut on this b****
Deep throat, ceaser gold
Or pun wicked h*es
Who like the way
I thug and the way I flow
I like head in the Benz
The four door or the Coupe
Head in the staircase
The cellar or the roof
Head in the studio
The bathroom or the booth
Head from a project chick
Or one with crazy loot
Like Nia Lomg in a cherry
Thong with the lights on
Sippin' Perignon
With Kelly Price on
I pull out my python
I hit it while my wife's gone
Long d*ck the b**** all night
I'll make her pussy
Sing the song

Repeat chorus to fade