Nas - "Ocupied Mind" lyrics

Have ever felt lonely
Have u ever felt love
Have u ever felt that spark in youre life
That brings 2 people together

Chorus :
Im guessing by the way
That youre looking at me
Uve never felt the feelings Im
Describing to you
So would you pleze tell me
Wot exactly you meant
When you told me that u loved me

Have you u ever felt joy
Have u ever felt pain
Have u ever felt that tear in youre eye
Thats when they fall apart '
Have u ever felt shame
Have u ever felt proud
Have u ever felt tears
oh have u ever felt down

Im telling you now there aint a day that goes by
Were all I wont a do is to break down and cry
There aint a moment when my minds turned of
Every second of the day
All the time in the night
In my dreams
Not forgetting my thoughts
My minds always occupied
About the troubles we have