Nas - "I Can By Nas" lyrics


i know i can (i know i can)
be what i wanna be(be what i wanna be)
if i work hard at it (if i work at it)
i'll be where i want to be(i'll be where i want to be)
(verse 1)
b, b boys and girls listen up, you can be anything in the world
in god we trust, an architect, doctor, maybe an actress
but nothin' comes easy it takes much practice,
like i met a woman who was becoming a star,
she was very beautiful leaving people in awe
singin' songs later on , but the younger version,
hung wit' the wrong person, got her stunger than irwin,
cocaine sniffi'n up drugs all in her nose,
could've died young, now looks ugly and old,
no fun cuz now when she reaches for hugs
people hold thier breath cuz she smells of corrosion and death,
watch the company you keep, and the crowd you bring,
cuz they came to do drugs and you came to sing,
so if you gonna be the best im'a tell you how,
put your hands in the air and take the vow

(verse 2)
b, b boys and girls listen again
this is for grown looking girls who's only ten,
the ones who watch videos and do as they see
as cute as can be, up in the clubs with fake i.ds,
careful 'fore you meet a man with h.i.v.
you can host a tv like oprah winfrey
whatever you decide, be careful, some men be rapists
so act your age, don't pretend to be older than you are,
give yourself time to grow, you're thinking he can give you wealth
but so young boy, you could use alot of help you know
ya thinkin' life's all about smokin' weed and ice,
you don't wanna be my age and can't read and write
beggin' different women for a place to sleep at night,
smart boys turn to men and do whatever they wish