Nas - "Day Dreamin" lyrics

To my niggas

To my niggas

What! what!

[nas sings]

Looking back in time, when I had on my shines

I saw you standing there

I never tried to diss you, you didnt need your pistol

Why did you have to take it there

But then again, it was just my imagination

When my crew told me it was you that was player hating

Then we had to have that terrible confrontation

Theres nothing I can do to help this situation...

Chorus: repeats 2x

[nas sings]

Stay scheming (ya niggas kill me)

Niggas wanna get at me

Its been awhile since the last time we hung out

Full of weed, drinking henny until we all passed out

Stretch bently, queens clique, pushing mean whips
And hoe Im with, glad who see she with

Shorty with the don

Me and horse switch cars

Jazz ruff for the six, this is it par

Thug nigga never thought I get this far

Who is that icing me from over there in the fog'

You got the mack god, you got the gat par

Dam, why they gotta do it to the black god

Everytime we chilling niggas want to act hard

My nigga jungle known to slap a nigga back-ward

So we chill pay no mind, think about about shit

Im for the love of it

Stubborn niggas always plotting on the brother tip

Cant even chill cause niggas just

[nas sings]

Stay scheming

Niggas wanna get at me

Stay scheming

Niggas wanna kidnap me

But they never do it motherfuckers...