Nas - "Affirmative Action (Feath Ntm French Rap)" lyrics

Yeah, Affirmative action, with my crew, NTM
This is Nas Escobar

[Kool Shen]
International remix
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Chacun sa Mafia ,Chacun sa mille-fa
Mmh, baby, come wicked nigger

You sit back relax catching contacts
Sip your cognac
And let's all wash this money
Through this laundry mat
Sneak attack
A new cat is back worth top dollar
In fact touch mines and i'll react
Like a rock wilder

Who pull the late
We play for high stakes at gun point
Catch'em and break undress'em tie'em
With tape no escape
The Corleone Fettucini Capone
Roam in your own zone
Get kidnapped and clapped in your dome
We go it sewn
The firm art of war is unknown
Lower your tone face it
Homicide cases get blown
politician daily with diplomats
see me I'm an official mack
Lex coup triple black

[Kool Shen]
Pas de Don Corleone dans mon quartier mec
Si tu dconnes jusqu'au bout faudra jouer les bonnes
Mais y a plus de place pour les rves
Ici quand on s'lve les rageurs te jettent l'oeil
Mme les Anges te crvent
Sache que l'union fait la force mais que la misre la divise
Et qu'en priode de crise chacun mise sur son biz
Chacun sa Mafia , chacun sa mille-fa
Mme l'tat fonctionne comme a
Que d'la gouille-ma dguise en secrets d'tats

[Foxy Brown] The Firm, baby
[NTM] Chacun sa Mafia , chacun sa mille-fa
Aujourd'hui a se passe comme a
[Foxy Brown] The Firm, baby
[NTM] Chacun sa Mafia
[Nas] Nas with NTM yo the Firm connect

Yo my mind is seeing through your