Mickey Newbury - "Workin' Man" lyrics

A workin' man
Sweats and slaves
Works his way
Into his grave

Slips away
Without a sound
Slips into
The cold cold ground

The Mockingbird
Just sings all day
Got no bills
Hes got to pay

Got no wife
Got no kids
Got no life
That is not his

It cuts him wide
Cuts him deep
Cuts him where
He does not reap

Cuts him out
But it cuts him free
It cuts him
So continuously

The sun comes up
And the sun goes down
His head is spinnin'
Around and around

Night and day
With his guitar
He makes a wish
Upon a star

Oh my feet
Are planted
On the ground
But my head
Is in the sky

And I am
somewhere in between
Always wonderin' why
Wonderin' why

Ramblin' blues...

Goodnight baby
I'll be home tomorrow