Mickey Newbury - "The Night You Wrote That Song" lyrics

Ah the rednecks are drawin'
Their lines in East Tennessee
Their cannons are primed
And they're fit to be tied I believe

The man in the grey flannel suit
Does not walk on the street
Say does anyone know
What became of the old Operie

The cowboys have taken
An axe to the old hangin' tree
They've traded their guns
For a guitar and two lids of tea

They swear in a slow Texas drawl
All the killin' is done
I believe them by God
But I'm keepin' my back to the sun

All the truck drivin' man makes his stops
Where the coffee is free
El Paso this morning
Tonight it will be Tennessee

Spends all his miles
On the dials of a poppin' CB
Say does anyone know
What became of ole Ralph Emery

Tomorrow is out of sight
Yesterdays dead and gone
You never knew how right
You were the night you wrote that song

Yesterdays newspaper
Forecast no rain for today
Ah but yesterdays news is old news
The skies are all grey

The East Texas hills
Are alive with the childrens spring
But does anyone know
What became of my sweet Angeline