Mickey Newbury - "The Dragon And The Mouse" lyrics

The dragon lays asleep in his bed
While the little mouse is busy
Swiftily stealing his bread
In the sugar bowl it tumbles
Having to stand on his head
Surely I will never see tomorrow
For I will be dead
What a way to go
I know that I was so foolish he said
Then he broke down and cried

Waking he jumped to his feet
The firey dragon
Hearing something squeaking
Disturbing his sleep
Maybe there was something funny
Happening down on the street
Walking to the window
Peering what in the world can it be
In the sugar bowl the little mouse
He could now feel the heat
He was so terrified

Well since I'm already awake
He said I do believe
I might as well have
Some tea and some cake
And then even firey dragons
Like to occasionally beg
Walking through the kitchen stopping
Short said for goodness sakes
As he narrowed his eyes

Wouldn't you like to be free
He proceeded to the cupboard
Holding the mouse in his teeth
I was just about to sit awhile
And have something to eat
Even firey dragons do
Get lonley occasionally
Please do step inside