Mickey Newbury - "Song For Susan" lyrics

Song For Susan

The light from the neon night
Silently lights up the sky
Sails through the window
To dance with the tears in her eyes

She tenderly turns and she runs
Her soft hands through my hair
I've never doubted one minute
Just how much she cares

The tight circle draws close
But somehow I know its alright
Theres never a feeling of chains
But of refuge from night

I find myself seeking her hand
As I drift off to sleep
If I'd never known her
God only knows where I'd be

There was a time when the sun
Goin' down frightened me
Alone on a back road
On my way back to Tennessee

Just out of Monroe one night
God I thought I was gone
I cried I've run out of time
If I only had known

Yesterdays newspaper
Forecast no rain for today..