Mickey Newbury - "Ramblin' Blues" lyrics

I'm like a feather in the wind
I cannot fly but I cannot fall
Like a tree that cannot bend
In the end I may lose it all
In my need to free this dreamer
Locked inside me all these years
Oh a band of gold and growing old
You're my greatest fear

Got them ramblin' blues
I got them ramblin' blues

Well the wino had his bottle
And the hobo has his rail
A rich man has heaven
A poor man has his spells
When he longs to leave his woman
The bills and all the kids
Got a longing to be free to see
All the things he never did

Got them ramblin' blues
Hes got them ramblin' blues

Operator operator
I'm down to my last dime
Put me through to her
I do believe I am running out of time

You said time is a circle
Well the circle has no end
So a man should ramble around so long
The ending would begin the end of these
Ramblin' blues
Ramblin' blues