Mickey Newbury - "Are My Thoughts With You?" lyrics

I'm gonna plant me some seeds
I'm gonna grow me an ocean
Cut down some trees
Build me an Island

I'm gonna stand on the corner
I'm gonna flag down a street car
Go somewhere and phone her
And ask her where my thoughts are

I'm gonna say to her
Are my thoughts with you baby
How twisted baby
Since you went away baby
I ain't been thinkin' too straight

If that don't get through
I'm gonna build me a flower
And sit down in the mornin' dew
And kiss it every hour

Yes I'm gonna turn out the light
Turn on the night give up the fight
Catch me a kite go for a flight
Who cares whats right or wrong

When I get to the moon
Rent me a room sit in the gloom
By the telephone
I'm gonna cry to her

Are my thoughts with you
How twisted baby are they
Since you left me this way baby
I just ain't thinkin' too straight