Meatloaf - "Id Lie For You" lyrics

I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth)
Meat Loaf
Album: Welcome To The Neighborhood

(Long version in parentheses)

I'd never tell you one lie, I'd never let you down
I'd never leave I'd be the one who'd always be around
Baby, give me a chance

I'd pull the sun down from the sky
To light your darkest night
I wouldn't let one drop of rain fall down into your life
Put your heart in my hands

Baby, believe me, I could never do you wrong
And I would never paint your world blue
And if sometimes it seems I must have lost my mind
I might be crazy, but I'm crazy about you

1-I'd lie for you and that's the truth
Do anything you asked me to
I'd even sell my soul for you, I'd do it all for you
If you'd just believe in me

Just take a look in my eyes
You'll see a love that's blind
Just take a hold of my hand, I'll take you to paradise

(Ain't a star that's too far

Your every wish will be a wish
That I will make come true
And if you want the moon
I swear I'll bring it down for you)

Let me into your heart

Believe me, baby, got your name carved on my soul
'Cause you're the only one that I'll give it to
Go let'em say that I'm a fool to act this way
'Cause if I'm crazy, I'm just crazy 'bout you

2-I'd lie for you and that's the truth
Move mountains if you want me to
I'd walk across the fire for you
I'd walk on the wild for you
If you'd just believe in me

And you will never see a day I'll ever break your heart
You'll see the sky fall down before it ever gets that far
I'll show you heaven every second that you're in my arms
Baby, I'm crazy, but I'm crazy 'bout you
(rpt 1, 2)

I'd lie for you and that's the truth.

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