Le Deja Vu - "Game Of Money" lyrics

This world is out to take it all from you
Wake up and get your Financial IQ
Accept that the system unfair
Open your books cause don't care (about you)
Are you a student of the game (money money money )
You only got yourself to blame ( money money money )

We're all playing this game of money
Rich or poor we're involve anyway
Wether you like it or not
We got to connect to dot

problems makes you a much smarter fighter
Know the rules use them and keep play it harder
Failure is part of the process (money money money money)
Use all cash To Buy Assets (for you) (money money money money)

Pre chorus
Get cool with it
Get good at it
making more of it
protecting it
budgeting it
leveraging it
Improve your skills and never q