Justin Mandell - "Second To The Best" lyrics

I learned to love from the movies.
The silver screen has schooled me
In what I believe to better than TV.
Romantics are few and far between.
Did you think that you'd see stars'
Or did you think that you had to be lucky'

I guess the rest would be second to the best.
I hope you know that I'm true.
You know I don't want to throw something good away.
And make a mistake

I learned to lust from the movies
The magazines have fooled me
In what I believe to be a sexy lady
When I wished upon that star
I hoped that you would take me far
Oblivious to everything surrounding


The more I love the less I know
How the story really goes
And what it takes to make this hero happy
But I think I understand what it takes to be a man
And what it takes to make a woman happy