Justin Mandell - "If Only" lyrics

September 2000

I used to think I could open your eyes
No longer my job to make you realize
Close your mouth when it's time to listen
Time to see what you'll be missin'

Your complications and aggravations
Your complete lack of communication
You said I'm the problem, I don't listen
Unlike you bitch, I was always tryin'


If only, if only you'd open your eyes
Too late to try
I said good-bye to wasting my time

If only, if only I'd found out what you were about
Without a doubt, I lay you down now.

Say I don't love you and that I'll lose you
No matter what I do I can't please you
Been wonderin' why I spent so much time
I can't help but feel that you were a waste of time


Ask the question
Learned my lesson
Ask the question
Love like a prison