Justin Mandell - "Fair Weather Friend" lyrics

I never hear from you unless you want something.
I share with you, I include you, I don't flake.
You don't reciprocate.

Ring, ring. You call me.
Ring, ring. Do you want me to buy you some beer'
Ring, ring. You call me.
Ring, ring.

I never see you at my shows.
You always say that you'll go.
And you said you liked my music.
Yet you always have an excuse.

You're a fair weather friend.

One-sided friendships are so trite.
Just another term for a parasite.
Why am I the only person I can count on'

Fair weather friend.

Are you shining me on'
Am I wasting my time on you'
And are you shining me on'
I know I'm wasting my time on you.

My fair weather friend.