Frank Sinatra - "What Do I Care For A Dame" lyrics

What do I care for a dame'
What do I care for a dame'
Every old dame is the same,
Every hooky dame is the same.
I got a future, a rosy future,
You can be sure I'll be tough
I'm independent, I'm no dependent
And I'll own a nightclub that's tops.
I'll be in with the cops.
What do I care for the skirts'
What do I care for the skirts
I'll make a face till it hurts.
Let them put up till it hurts,
I'm going to own a night club,
It's gonna be the right club,
It'll be swell gentry, It's elementary,
I'll wear a top hat and cane.
There ain't Joey, there ain't Joey,
There ain''t Joey, I can see it plain..
(Orchestra plays the song Bewitched , Bothered, Bewildered)