Frank Sinatra - "The Birth Of The Blues" lyrics

These are the blues
Nothin' but blues

Oh, they say some people long ago
Were searching for a diff'rent tune, one that they could croon as only they can
They only had the rhythm, so they started swayin' to and fro
They didn't know just what to use, this is how the blues really began

They heard the breeze in the trees, singin' weird melodies
And they made that the start of the blues
And from a jail came the wail of a down-hearted frail
And they played that as a part of the blues

From a whippoorwill way upon a hill they took a new note
Pushed it through a horn until it was worn into a blue note
And then they nursed it, they rehearsed it and then sent out that news
That the Southland gave birth to the blues

They nursed it, then they rehearsed it, and they sent out that news
That the Southland, they gave birth to the blues