Frank Sinatra - "It's A Lovely Day For A Walk" lyrics

[VERSE:] Please don't keep me waiting, let's be on our way Darling, what a day Darling, what a morning Let's go out for a nice long stroll My heart's bursting beyond control Arm in arm, let's go walking [REFRAIN:] Let's go walking you and I There's a sun up in the sky It's a lovely day for a walk Arm in arm, we'll be talking I'll be saying something sweet And we'll tell the folks we meet It's a lovely day for a walk We won't be stopping for window shopping A special feature about the preacher But there's a church out in the sun Is turning twosomes into one Arm in arm, let's go walking Come, let's hear that marriage talk 'Twas a lovely day for a walk And we'll tell our great-grandchildren -How do you do, do, do' Fancy meeting you [PATTER:] -On a day that is so divine Wha'd'ya say, say, say, this delightful day' Hope to hear that you're feeling fine Happy walking to you and yours -Just a whiff of the great outdoors, what a heavenly smell -We would like to admire the view Glad to see you looking well -Why don't you wait, wait, wait, kindly hesitate' Gotta go bye, bye, bye, there's a knot to tie -Do you mind if we follow you'