Frank Sinatra - "If You Knew Susie Like I Knew Susie" lyrics

Iif you knew Susie, as we know Susie, She's not so choosy, no, not our Susie, Oh, oh, oh what a gal . When Susie kisses, she takes the wind When Susie kisses, it never fails, Oh, oh, Susie is a lot of balusie. Right out of your sails. In conclusion, beware of Sus-ion, S - is for sincerity which she's got none of. Oh, oh, oh what a gal. U - is for you know what I mean. S - is for sincerity which she's got none of. I - is for the Irish in her smile. her Irish smile. That is how she wants her Navy-eee. E - is for her eagerness to please us, The sweetheart of all the boys at sea. Don't care who she, I mean you-sie, Oh that Susie, she's a two-sie, She's not choosy, you won't losie, Put them all together, and they spell Su hu hu hu sie, you'll get woosy, after just one day with Susie. When you take her home about ten, So when you choose she, beware of Susie Another guy is waiting there to take out Susie out again. S S-U-S-U-S S-U-S-I S-U-S I-E She's just much for you , and you and me, and the U.S.Navy