Elvis Costello - "Trust" lyrics

Bad lovers face to face in the morning
Shy apologies and polite regrets
Outraged glances and indiscreet yawning
Slow dances that left no warning of
Good manners and bad breath get you nowhere
Even presidents have newspaper lovers
Ministers go crawling under covers
They're all covered up with white washed grease paint
He's no saint
She's no angel
And you say...

The teacher never told you anything but white lies
And you believe
But you never see the lies
You feel so civilized
Oh you know you have been captured
And you look so pretty in your new lace sleeves
The salty lips of the socialite sisters

With their continental fingers that have
I wish I was one of them
never seen working blisters
They say daddy's coming home soon
Oh I know they've got their problems

With his sergeant stripes and his Empire mug and spoon

No more fast buck
And when are they gonna learn their lesson
When are they gonna stop all of these victory processions
And you say...