Elvis Costello - "The Unfailing Welcome To The Voice" lyrics

Above the tears
Before the scream
Invisible and secret scar
The true salvation is the human voice

Beloved voices of the past
The forever stiffled voice

Tender echoes
Lost cause
Miserable voice
Whispering voice

Immaterial instrument

Attentive mothers
Darkness lighting lullabies

Stare of silence
Cruel disease
The ________ gag of hate

Unfailing welcome to the voice
Be welcome

Attractive red fruit of the mouth
Dangerous message on my skin

I feel so fluid
Lighter than air
Shy caress

A fleeting bride's veil on the throat
Forbidden kisses to drink
_______ siren

Virtuous sound
Vocal pleasure
Pleasure vocal

It's the real way to be drunk
To desert the common place
Sacred [bluesy prophet']

I'm a slave to the voice
Unfailing welcome to the voice
In every tone a poignant oath

Voices to pray to fly to escape
The sublimation of the hopes

The sublimation of the hopes
Spiritual vehicle of thought
The voice [is boundless']

I love the voice