Elvis Costello - "Sour Milk Cow Blues" lyrics

You like coffee and you like tea
And everybody says watch out yeah
Much more than you like me
For the sour milk-cow blues
You like your coffee just a little too sweet
And everybody says watch out yeah
Without your sugar life is incomplete
For the sour milk-cow blues
I think about you everyday
Something about you is not the same
Sour milk-cow blues
Something about the things you say
Sounds like a different woman with a different name

You wear a different size and style of shoe
I think that someone must be poisoning you
To replace you with a living double
Get out of my life right now and save them all of the trouble
Somebody's putting ideas in your head
They changed your complexion and your personality
They took the girl of my dreams and left you hear instead

Sour milk-cow blues
You take your place in this parade of pleas
All alone with just your own device
They give you something and it isn't advice
You dial a number and they offer relief
To break the hearts of a million listeners
Start out as lovers and you end up as prisoners
Somebody's suffering but you're glad it isn't you
Somebody's suffering from the things that you do
Repeat after me, wake at the count of three
Put your fingertips up to the screen
Now I don't know which is worse
What they're doing to you or what you're doing to me
Sour milk-cow blues