Elvis Costello - "Shadow Jimmy" lyrics

Shadow and jimmy were always yesterdays news

Jimmys a bowler, shadow rents out his green bowling shoes
Late friday night when the bars are all shuttered and dark

He shadows back jimmy to the lot in the lost trailer park
For shadow and jimmy all the weekends end up the same

If its saturday night, then it must be the hockey game

After cold beer and barbecued ribs the night is complete
With wrestling stories and elegant bones

That are tired of walking and on their way home

And they talk about the women

And they look at the girls
Theyll never know the ways of the world
Theyve got a mouthful of much obliged

And a handful of gimme

And the love for each other
Of shadow and jimmy

For shadow and jimmy now the story is told

Theres nothing to hold on to and no one to hold

Men without women are like fish without

Water to swim in

With their eyes bugging out
They flop on the beach

And look up at the girls
Who are just out of reach