Elvis Costello - "I Cant Stand Up" lyrics

Date: Wed, 03 Mar 93 16:11:59 LCL
From: PA113718%UTKVM1.BITNET@mitvma.mit.edu
The reason I'm so certain about these lyrics is that at a record show years
Subject: Definitive(') Can't Stand Up
ago, I bought a battered copy of Sam and Dave's version. It's done in a

stately gospel style that Elvis later adopted for concert performances of the
song. Here goes: (minor correctios by Paul Hosken (rmcb@vm.op.dlr.de))

Of a man who's been hurt a little too much
And I've tasted
I'm the living result
Sadness is all my lonely heart can feel
I can't stand up etc.
The bitterness of my own tears

Why I'm not loved the way I should be
Simple though love is,
still it confused me
Now I've lived with heartaches
and I've roomed with fear
I've dealt with despair
And I've wrestled with tears

I can't stand up etc.
The vow that we made,

you broke it in two
but that don't stop me
from loving you

I can't stand up etc