Elton John - "You're So Static" lyrics

I've a constant ache in the morning light It's on account of the night before Some Park Lane lady in a shady bar Took a fancy to the watch I wore

But I can still remember how she laughed at me As I spun around and hit the bed She said thank you honey, forget about the money This pretty watch'll do instead
City living woman, you're so static Matching your men with a hook and eye If you're gonna spend the summer in New York City Them women oh oh oh they're gonna slice your pie

Said you're so static, baby I've had it Rolling in a yellow cab Downtown hustlers trying to pull some muscle If they catch you, oh oh oh it could turn out bad

It's a Show me what you want, I'll show you what I've got I can show you a real good time She's a friend indeed of a friend in need But you'll be sorry when she leaves you crying