Elton John - "White Lady White Powder" lyrics

Dust settles on a thin cloud Sends a fog drifting to a worn out crowd I've had my face in a mirror for twenty four hours Staring at a line of white powder

High-priced madness pays the tab I've scraped too much of nothing from your plastic bag I'm a catatonic son of a bitch who's had A touch too much of white powder
And she's a habit I can't handle For a reason I can't say I'm in love with a wild white lady She's as sweet as the stories say White powder white lady You're one and the same Come on down to my house won't you And hit this boy again

Shock waves to a tired brain Sends that hungry lady to my door again She's my shelter from the storm when I feel the rain Entertaining white powder

I feel I'm dry-docked and tongue-tied Heaven sends a stretcher for the kids to ride I might just escape while the others might die Riding on a high of white powder