Elton John - "Legal Boys" lyrics

Your accountant called this morning There was springtime in his heart He couldn't wait to tell me How he'd pulled our lives apart And the letter from your lawyer Lies unopened on the tray I may get around to reading it later today

Walking round the lonely rooms I see everything the same But suddenly it matters What was purchased in my name Whether this or that was paid for Belongs to me or you Can the seven years together be divided by two

It says something for the legal boys But nothing much for us That all we had together Is so quickly ended thus The legal boys have won again And you and I have lost They can't tell us how it happened But they'll let us know the cost Oh they'll let us know the cost, oh yeah

There's a lot I'd like to tell you But I can't get past your guards I do not speak their language And they hold all the cards I would rather call you darling Than defendant in the case But lovers left here long ago And clients took their place