Elton John - "Kiss The Bride" lyrics

Well she looked a peach in the dress she made When she was still her mama's little girl And when she walked down the aisle everybody smiled At her innocence and curls And when the preacher said is there anyone here Got a reason why they shouldn't wed I should have stuck up my hand I should have got up to stand And this is what I should have said
I wanna kiss the bride yeah! I wanna kiss the bride yeah! Long before she met him She was mine, mine, mine Don't say I do Say bye, bye, bye And let me kiss the bride yeah!

Underneath her veil I could see a tear Trickling down her pretty face And when she slipped on the ring I knew everything Would never be the same again But if the groom would have known he'd have had a fit About his wife and the things we did And what I planned to say Yeah on her wedding day Well I thought it but I kept it hid