Elton John - "January" lyrics

Must have been the right month Must have been a good time Must have counted every cloud in the sky that night Every single glass of wine

Must have learned some home truths Sitting in that cool grass Must have counted every blade in that emerald field Every shooting star that passed

Should have had a talk with God Sitting in the great unknown Watching all the lovers in the world get together Sitting in Heaven all alone

And we were love's knot after summer Tied together in the dead of winter Wrapped up with spring fever in the air Bound together in the autumn Every month means a little something But January is the month that cares

Must have kissed you 'till I hurt you Must have been a wild night Must have rolled in the ashes at the break of day Rag dolls in the morning light

Must have found a secret place Hiding in our own world Must have counted every smile on your sweet, sweet lips Every single sound we heard