Elton John - "Ho Ho Ho" lyrics

Music by elton john
Released as a uk b-side in november, 1973

Lyrics by bernie taupin

Oh Ive had a few too many and its getting hard to stand
Sitting here on christmas eve with a brandy in my hand

I keep hearing noises from my fireplace

I must be going crazy or the brandys won the race

Your fat and jolly friend draws near
And I keep hearing ho ho ho, guess whos here

Ho ho ho, surprise, surprise

The bearded weirdys just arrived

Ho ho ho, guess whos here

Your fat and jolly friend draws near

Ho ho ho, surprise surprise

The bearded wierdys just arrived

On my roof theres snorting sounds, and bells inside my head

Theres a pair of large sized wellies coming down my flue
My visions blurred with colour, and all he sees is red

And the smell of burning rubber, oh is filling up the room