Elton John - "Hard Luck Story" lyrics

Sometimes I think I'm going crazy Staring at the same four walls Waiting for the working day to end Then I get home so wasted, worn out I curse at you and tell you How I've done the work of ten to fifteen men How I've struggled for my money Sweated blood to get us by, yeah Well I'm tired of it honey Think I'm gonna have to leave here for a while

All you hear are hard luck stories And the ways I look at life And the way I think the world treats me And the way that I treat my wife

I never seem to look at you And see that somewhere underneath A pair of tired eyes are crying out Well you know I work hard all day long Let me kiss you once with meaning Just to kill this nagging doubt Well you don't deny I do you proud And you expect me to be tired You say there's no future in our lives While I persist I'm putting out the fire

All you hear are hard luck stories Just a few well chosen words `Cause you're still the woman of a working man You've got the heart of a working girl