Elton John - "Dan Dare" lyrics

Music by elton john

Lyrics by bernie taupin

Available on the album rock of the westies

Can you tell me how old dan might have done it
If hed been here now, holy cow

Because I dont have foresight to see
My stars might have been read on the planet mars
In the twenty first century
If we still be together in the twenty first

Hes our flying ace, pilot of the future
In an endless space, holy cow

My eyes never saw a rocket that was quite that size
To be cat and mouse for the champions
Because I dont have the energy

For the champions of destiny

So long captain dan
I fail to see what motivates your hands

Goodbye restless night

You know I loved dan dare, but I couldnt make his flight

So long, so long

Dan dare doesnt know it

He doesnt know it

He doesnt know it

But I liked the mekon