Eddy Arnold - "But for Love" lyrics

(Terry Cashman - Gene Pistilli - T.P. West)

And the wind's up in a roar
So it's rainin' again
I've been swept through the streets

To be washed up at your door.
But you're with him I know
So I'll crawl back later on
Why do I need you so
But for love I'd be gone.

I'm wondering what it is about you
That makes it so hard to stay
With my back to the wind

And harder yet to live without you.
So I'll look all around
But there's nothing's here for me
But for you I'd be free.
Like a prisoner I'm bound

Leavin' today for a place in the sun far away.
But the rain still comes down
But for you I'd be gone on a jet

And the chilly winds keep blowing
I'm wondering what keeps me going.
Down these cold empty streets
So I say to myself

And my heart cries to me
But for love I'd be gone.
Why do you linger on

But for love I'd be gone...