David Bowie - "Aladdin Sane 1913 1938 1977" lyrics

Watching him dash away, stringing an old bouquet-dead roses
Sake and strange diving Um-m-m-m you'll make it
Passionate bright young things takes him away to war -- don't fake it
Saddening glissando strings
Um-m-m-m you'll make it

Who'll Love Aladdin Sane
Battle cries and champagne just in time for sunrise
Who'll Love Aladdin Sane

Motor sensational, Paris or may be hell -- I'm waiting
Clutches of sad remains
Waits for Aladdin
Sane -- you'll make it

Who'll love Aladdin Sane
Millions weep a fountain, just in case of sunrise
Who'll love Aladdin Sane