Dave Matthews Band - "Typical Situaion" lyrics

Typical Situaion Dave Matthews Band (Under The Table And Dreaming) ten fingers we have each nine planets around the sun repeat eight ball is the last if you triumphant be seven oceans pummel the shores of the sea it's a typical situation too many choices in the typical times everybody's happy everybody's free we'l keep the big door open everyone'll come around why are you different why are you that way if you don't get in line we'll lock you away it all comes down to nothing five around a sense of self four season turn on and turn off six senses feeling three corners from this corner i can see two is a perfect number but one everybody's happy everybody's free we'll keep the big door open and everyone'll come around why are you different if you don't step in line why areyou that way we'll lock you away it's a typical situation in these typical times we can't do thing about it From LBV10000 (lisa_vincent2002@yahoo.com)