Dave Matthews Band - "The Deed Is Done" lyrics

Oh so I pray Oh at night I wake up praying all day light I pray to you and hear my request I ask of you to save this baby O look at the girl from inside is cancer eaten is life deprived and if so by who could it be you I see no need for a baby's wisdom for you Oh god the girl all yellow turned cheeks are swollen and soul is burned Oh but the girl and the deed is done the girl is gone it must be wrong Now I pray my prayers not heard death to mortal word could it be your death and drain and drain Oh and see her pain and blind my friend could you be deaf can you not hear oh and so we hold and if with words can you not see you could change the way things are arranged surely you'd be speaking seeking no change deaf dumb and blind Oh but the girl from the cancer burning deep down inside oh but the deed is done and the girl is gone and I see no faith that I have won well you may find you're little you may go you may find your tracks for me the girl is gone to me the baby's gone Oh you may find you're attraction