Dave Matthews Band - "Rhyme & Reason" lyrics

Oh well oh well so here we stand But we stand for nothing My heart calls to me in my sleep How can i turn to it Dark place-- 'cause i'm all locked up in this And i do not know i'm as good as dead My head aches-- My head won't leave my head alone Warped and tied up i need to kill this pain And i don't believe it will Until i'm dead and gone My head won't leave my head alone My mind in knots-- And i don't believe it willl How long i'm tied up Until i'm six feet under gound My stomach reels in concern for what i might do or What i've done It's got me living in fear Be my sould i've had my grave Well i know these voices must Leave it to me to waste here Lying wired and shut and quiet in my grave So young and here i am again Leave me here Talking to myself Oh how i wish i didn't smoke A tv blares Oh man Or drink to reason with my head Grows utnil i cannot bear it all But sometimes this thick confusion Needle to the vein Needle to the vein Take this needle from my vein my fiend I said In my grave The reason--my reason Lying, lying cold in my grave The fearing won't come back Take my head off this terror I can't see my mind's all wiped clean The needle Make my great escape My head leaves me behing I seem caught in time And i have seen heaven Body fall cold