Dave Matthews Band - "Raven (Busted Stuff)" lyrics

Watcha got, watcha got
In your hand
Father said to Son
Ive got the whole world here, daddy
tween my fingers and my thumb.

You take care of it please,
For its the only one.
But itll take me a lifetime, old man
To undo what youve done.

Undo what youve done.
Oh come on now, boy think
what would Jesus do.
He'd shake his head like a angry mother spoke
The boy and say, I did what I could do.

But you take care of it please
For its the only one you got.
And itll take ten lifetimes, boy
To undo what Ive done.

Boy shrugged, walked away,
The man stood and watched
As he was leaving.
The boy just walked away
The man stood alone thinking.

One hand is bleeding,
And The other hand holds the gun.
While everything is open,
Oh everything is shut down, down, down
Begin to ending
Is really just to go round, and 'round, and 'round
And when I stand here
The ground beneath is nothing more than
One point of view.

Watcha got, watcha got
In your head'
Your secrets safe with me.
Well, I found the truth
Let me whisper in your ear.

Take good care of it please,
Its the only one there is
Can I twist it, please, oh
Can I give it just a little twist'

Boy shrugged, walked away,
The man stood, and watched
That boy disappearin'.
The boy just walked away,
The man stood there twisting.

One hand is bleeding, oh,
And the other holds the gun.
Everything is open now.
Everything is shut down, down, down,
No one is holding
Even if you, even if you're sure,
You never know at all,
The ground be