Dave Matthews Band - "Proudest Monkey Intro" lyrics

Sometimes when you watch cnn
If you sit in front of CNN and
Or you watch party of five or you watch friends
Or you watch bombs blowing up in baghdad
Watch it all that stuff on CNN the headline news maybe
Or you watch people shootin' each other
People standing on top of the white house
Or people going hungry 'cause other people eat to much
And drink too much
I don't care if they're republicans or democrats
There's people standing up on capitol hill
They stand up there and sound like they know something
I'm not telling you anything
They ain't better than I am
They all still wake up in the morning
Drink a cup of coffe coffee and take a shit
And they dance around a problem
Say this talk about the economic implications
But their grandfather great great grandfather
Was just like my great great grand father
Just a bunch of monkeys
Shittin in the words
Swinging on trees
Immediately question them
If someone tells you they know what's going on
Especially the government
I don't care where the government is
It could be in the Moscow
It could be in Washington D.C
Just remember that we're all monkeys
And that's the first thing to keep us togetherJust think we got it made