Dave Matthews Band - "Any Noise/Anti Noise" lyrics

it's gracious of you to hold your arms throw your charms around me to lead me by the hand it's gracious of you it's gracious of you I really love you to be by my side, rolling wild reeling thunder come again, come again to me it's gracious of you and why would I ask of you, need to say goodbye and save me the need to say goodbye say it, say it, oh, I don't know how to say this, please, here leave me warm, hollowed and open. (yodeling.... ) one more.... (more yodeling) and then leave, yeah. I don't want to say goodbye, yeah... it's gracious of you to hold me while oh goodbye...... it's too soon for me to say goodbye, say goodbye hey, it's warm here say goodbye leave it cold again, cold again. say, say goodbye.